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What is the natural sweetener STEVIA™?

A plant From the chrysanthemum plant family originally found in Paraguay. It has been used as a sweetener for over 1500 years.

What are the ingredients in STEVIA™?
Our product contains exclusively natural ingredients, Eritritol and stevia extracts.

Can STEVIA™ be used in cooking and baking?
Of course. All ingredients are thermostable and suitable for processing at high temperatures. It is important only to determine the comparative amount with common sugar.

What is Eritritol?

It belongs to the group of polyols, sugra based alcohols used in the food industry as a substitute for sucrose,since, beside being sweet, it also has other physical and chemical compounds similar to sugar.

The advantages of using polyols instead of sucrose and other sugars are their lower energy value, does not cause caries, has antioxidant properties and is probiotic.

Polyols have a clean, sweet taste like sugar, without pre-taste or subsequent taste. Other sensory properties are also similar to sugar because by using polyols a similar volume, texture and consistency of products similar to sugra-containing ones is achieved.

Since most polyols have a lower level sweetness unlike sucrose, they are often mixed with intense sweeteners.

Beneficial nutritional properties of eritritol

Since it is not metabolized in the human body, it does not have a glycemic effect nor does it affect the concentration of insulin in the blood-stream – which makes it suitable for diabetics.

Because of its smaller molecular weight it is very well absorbed in the digestive system and does not cause digestive problems like other polyols.

It is also easier to digest in certain food products unlike some sugars such as lactose and fructose in crystalline form.

Is STEVIA™ safe for diabetics?

Yes, because our natural sweetener has no effect on the Glycemic index.

Stevia Liquid Lemon Flavor
Stevia Liquid 50ml/bottle Sweetness: 5-8 drops
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